10 Colored Leather Textures

Amazing pack of 10 coloured leather Texture, are great for use as background textures, or to add detail to your Photoshop projects. the images are very large so they should fit any sized product, and if they don’t then they are tillable so it wont be a problem

easy to customise if you want to make a pattern simply open up the texture you want, make the image the size you want, then simply define as a pattern and your ready to go

Don’t worry if your no using photoshop as jpeg are provided enabling you to open the files up in any program of you choice.


1. 10 jpegs of each colour leather at 2048px x 2048px

2. Master leather psd file at 2048px x 2048px with all layers named

3. psd of previw file

20 Tileable Pixel Patterns 1

This is a set of 20 photoshop pixel patterns, they are all transparent just place the pattern above the layer you want the pattern on and there you go instant texture, you can set the opacity to get your pattern to look how you like!

This set of 20 photoshop pixel patterns contains a range of modern, crisp, yet subtle Pixel backgrounds patterns that won’t take the eye away from your webpage and will make any site look sleek and professional. They are also useful in other contexts like buttons, or to break up too much solid colour.

This pattern set is for photoshop CS2 , CS3 and CS4

File Includes

1. 20 tileable pixel patterns file

2. preview file with all 20 patterns shown

3. Detailed Html instructions

4. psd example Background