High Quality Photoshop Resources Actions and Styles

Today I am sharing an amazing selection of very high quality Photoshop presets, such as actions and layer styles the results are mind blowing you would never believe you could achieve such things. The best thing of all is that you can just add you own content whether it be text or image or shapes and in a few click achieve the same results as the images below, my only word of advice would be to check the version of photoshop that is needed as to make sure it will work with your copy.

To purchase any of the items below simply click the image of the product and it will take you to the relevant download page no items are over $6 dollars so are all great value!

3D Map Generator

3D Map Generator Pro Easy Routes

Dimensions 3D Action Generator

22 Vintage Letterpress Photoshop Actions

10 Metal Photoshop Layer Styles

30 free simple gradient Layer Styles

Save time and money by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop! The pack come with a number of Gradient styles and colours and really help bring text to life. The layer styles are best used on dark backgrounds All the styles also come in large and small so should fit all needs

This is a set of 30 Photoshop styles, included is

1. set of clear HTML instructions

2. Psd file for the large preview including all layer styles

3. asl files with all the layer styles

This ASL file contains 30 Layer Styles created to use with buttons, forms, text, logos, icons and windows. These styles will help you create good compositions with dark and light color backgrounds with just one click.