10 Stone Wall Textures

These great textures would work well with nearly any project perfect for adding detail or giving things a grungy look.

This pack contain 10 wall textures they are as follows, coral wall, cracked wall dirty wall, Medevil brick, mossy brick, old brick and a number of close ups

12 Colourful Grunge Brokeh Textures pack

File contains 12 Colourful Grunge Broken Textures, they were created with over 30 layers of photos to get a really dirty grunge look, then there is a hint of Broken to lighten things. The image are very high res at 3500×2500 pixels, so they should work for all your Photoshop needs.

These are very detailed textures, the .psd has not been included as the file size was 700mb, but we have provided a grey version so you can just add a colour layer above the texture and set the layer to overlay and you will want to change the opacity depending on your preferences.

Great for adding detail to your artwork and can be used as a background or to add texture. perfect for a web site background or just in general to add texture to your art works. A number of colours have been provided to help go with any desired project.

5 High Res Brick Textures

5 High Quality High Res Brick textures pack at 3872×2592 contains a number of styles of brick wall some clean some dirty, great for adding texture to artwork or just to use as a background.

If you wish to purchase simply click the image or the download button and it will take you to the purchase page.