6 Glass Layer Styles + Bonus Styles

ave time and money by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop!
This is a set of 10 Coloured Glass Layer Syles, included is

1. set of clear instructions
2. Psd file for the large preview including all layer styles
3. asl file with all 10 Coloured Glass Layer Syles and 3 bonus Glass Layer Styles

If you wish to purchase simply click the image or the download button and it will take you to the purchase page.

Transparent Designer Business Card Template

This Transparent, plastic, translucent Designer Business Card is a one of a kind exclusive to Graphicriver, just the thing if your looking for something a bit different with your business card

General Information – Standard sized business cards 3.5”x 2” – Print Ready – Bleed lines and guides are ready in the .psd files with image showing “safe area” “Bleed” and “trim marks” – None of the text files are rasterized which allows for simple customization

There was one font used on this business card from http://www.urbanfonts.com, please see bellow for the download details of the fonts. http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Decker.htm

1 Master Business card master file – High Resolution jpeg example files of each item – Print guide images explaining what all “safe area” “Bleed” and “trim marks” mean – Html instruction guide explained with images to make everything clear

If you need to have a custom logo created for your use on the business card you purchased from us, we will offer a great rate and work with you to give you a timely and pleasurable experience.

While measures have been taken to ensure successful and expected printed outcome, responsibility of final printed result lies solely with the customer.