Happy New Year EveryBody

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 WALLPAPER xnys1Hello everybody I just thought I would take the time to say happy new year to everybody, I hope this year is a productive and inspiring year for you all. And that all the new year promises you have made can be followed through to the end, one of mine is to do more exercise as I have really been slaking in that area.

I thought I would let you all know what my plans for the blog this year are, one of the main ones is that I am going to start doing tutorials, I am going to start with photoshop and if they go well I will add 3d Max tuts as well, if there are any request from people then I will try my best to accommodate you in any way I can. Then i t will be a case of following the same style of last year, definitely going to get move interview up and feature great work I see around the web.

so make sure you keep check back here as there is always going to be new content!

6 High Quality Glass Layer Styles


This pack contain a variety of styles they include, 6 glass styles in different colours. if you wish to purchase just purchase click on the image of click the download button.

Save time and money by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop!

This is a set of 10 Coloured Glass Layer Syles, included is

1. set of clear instructions

2. Psd file for the large preview including all layer styles

3. asl file with all 10 Coloured Glass Layer Syles and 3 bonus Glass Layer Styles

Print ADs From Around The World

Here i am going to share so images of amazing print ads from around the world from various industries, always useful for inspiration for any designer, but it is always good to remember when designing  to think about the audience the ad is targeting, as in different countries some thing are not accepted or mean different things. so it is always a good idea to research where the ad will be placed. here is a selection of great adverts. Continue reading

Featured Amazing Work Artist Hotpin

I am going to share with you some great Flyer templates from Hotpin, they are great and very detailed and useful for nearly any kind of business and only  $6, so great value and a really solid place to start from if you want to make them your own but are limited on time. And as if it could not get any better all the templates are easy to customise. so with out further ado I will provided a number of samples of his work. if you wish to purchase any then all you have to do is just click on one of the images and it will take you to the purchase page!


Club/party flyers & Poster template

3 PSD files in 3 sizes:A3, A4 and A5 (42×28.7 , 29.7×21 and 21×14.8 cm) or (23.4×16.5 , 11.7×8.3 and 8.3×5.8 in) with 3mm bleed

Many color variations: Just find the colors folder and play around with the layers also you can have 2 layers activated at the same time. Also you can change the headphones color.

Clearly labeled folders and layers

CMYK ready to print with guides

Poker Night Flyer Template

Poker Night Bar Flyer Template is suitable for bar poker night and with some modifications on text you can use it to advertise your poker or casino website!

3 PSD files – 8.5”x11” and 5.5”x8.5” with 0.25” bleed

2 Versions- Poster and Flyer

Clearly labeled folders and layers

CMYK – 300dpi – Ready to print with guides

Funky Vibes Party Club Flyer Template

Funky Vibes Party_Club Flyer Template is perfect for club event and party you are organizing and any music genre!

1 PSD file: 5”x7”

Clearly labeled folders and layers

CMYK – 300dpi – Ready to print with guides

Easy to change colors

Carnival Party/Club Flyer Template

Carnival club party flyer template is a modern design psd template suitable for any carnival party or club event you are organizing!

2 PSD files in 2 sizes: A4 and A5 (,29.7×21 and 21×14.8 cm) or (11.7×8.3 and 8.3×5.8 in) with 3mm bleed

Many color variations: Just find the colors folder and play around with the layers also you can have 2 layers activated at the same time.

Clearly labeled folders and layers

CMYK ready to print with guides

6 Amazing Graffiti Layer Styles

This pack contain a variety of styles they include, 6 graffiti style in different colours. if you wish to purchase just purchase click on the image of click the download button.

Save time and money by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop! The pack come with a number of neon styles and colours and really help bring text to life. The layer styles are best used on dark backgrounds

This is a set of 6 Amazing graffiti Layer Styles, included is

1. set of clear HTML instructions

2. Psd Contact Sheet including all layer styles

3. asl files with all the layer styles

Featured Author RafaelOliveira

RafaelOliveira has a very impressive portfolio of work wide and varied, Facebook timelines, logos, brochures, business cards, banners, text syles and much much more, I am going to share some of my favorite work of his. feel free to have a look at them and just click on the images to visit the purchase page if your interested in buying any.

Custom Facebook Covers

Pro Banners Pack

The Developer Business Card

Web Elements Pack

10 Stone Wall Textures

These great textures would work well with nearly any project perfect for adding detail or giving things a grungy look.

This pack contain 10 wall textures they are as follows, coral wall, cracked wall dirty wall, Medevil brick, mossy brick, old brick and a number of close ups

An interview with Joanne Taylor

Over the last 2 year I have spent many hours on a site called graphicriver a place for selling design templates of all sorts, it is a great place with many talented authors so I have decided to interview artists from the site and this is one of many more to come. I hope this will help people understand how other designer work and what processes they go through. I do not censor what the artist tell me I try to keep in all they say as it is good to know how different artists work.

1. How did you get started in the design industry, and what is your advice for people thinking of doing the same?

Very gradually, almost by mistake actually. Drawing and art was the only thing that consistently interested me since childhood, and just about everything in my life takes second place to it. (Except my cat.) I got married very young and in those days a woman was expected to just settle down and do the wife thing. I tried it for 10 years and went mad, ending up a single mother with 3 little ones before i was 30; so i had to go out and get a job. A benevolent little medical ad agency took me in as a junior visualiser and i discovered i loved illustrating muscles and bones. From there i slowly drifted into illustration and the freelanced after 3 years and worked on all sorts of art, illustration and design projects for small time clients. Busking really. I would never have referred to myself as a ‘professional’.

I only began working on the computer ‘digitizing’ some of my ideas after i inherited an iMac from my younger son Ross. He died in 2010 from cancer (2 years after miraculously surviving a great white shark attack!) He gave me my first proper Photoshop lessons from his sickbed when he couldn’t see or walk anymore. It was an amazing and gift from him.

Advice for anyone wanting to do the same? Firstly, love the art and the process more than anything or anyone else. (except your pet). Secondly, know that the reward is in the process of creating, not in the income it may or may not generate. A long time ago i used to think i needed to work to make money to buy things to make me happy. Now with most of my life behind me (unless i live to be over 120!) i am really pleased that i made the creating of things my priority, rather than the buying of things.

2. What is your process for starting a new piece of work?

The question should be “Where is the process…” The answer is in bed! Most of my idea happen in that semi-conscious state between 4 and 6 am. It’s always been that way. I sleep for about 5 hours a night and then create for a few hours before getting up. I have such fully detailed images sometimes that all i have to do when i sit down at the drawing table (or computer now) is ‘copy’ what i saw.

3. Do you have any favourite websites for finding design inspiration?

I follow a few artists on Behance, and i like Illustrationmundo.com, but generally i try not to spend too much time online. Our connection here in South Africa is very frustrating that browsing can make a serious dent in the daily work time. Life itself is an inspiration – observing it. There is no substitute for curiousity and observation when developing your creativity.

4. What do you think are the most important skills for a designer to have/develop?

The technical skills will come with practice, but the ideas… well, i think they require empty space to be born into. For me that empty space is the hypnogogic consciousness between sleep and wake time. Like silence is to Zen practitioners. They say there are no totally new and original ideas, that everything comes from reconnections of things already experienced, but for those new connections to be made, the space must be empty. So i would say one needs to develop the faculties of observation, curiosity and silence.

5. What does your work area look like and what make it special to you?

My workspace is only a corner of my already tiny sleeping area attached to my studio. The window overlooks the Tsitsikamma mountains, and a giant mulberry tree. I have a Windows computer to work on, and Ross’s iMac is connected to the internet. My painting studio takes up 99 percent of my whole living space, and it looks different from day to day depending on what is being done. It also overlooks the mountains, and the back window is overshadowed by a huge guava tree which attracts the baboons living in the small nature sanctuary nearby.

6. What trends will emerge and be popular in 2012 in your opinion?

I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to predict what is trending, but i do see a lot more simplicity in illustration. I think ‘popularity’ is often an instigated thing – today it is all about celebrity and fame, and all one has to do is get something used or slandered by a famous person to become the next fad. But generally i think trends in things like design evolve behind the scenes to cater to technicalities. Minimal styles enable much faster up and downloading, are easier to see on smaller screens… that sort of thing.

7. When you are not designing what do you get up to?

Up until a couple of years ago i did a lot of roller blading to keep fit. Now i spend too much time on my computer! But i walk in this beautiful area, and cycle. We (my elder son and his wife and 2 yr old son) have a raku pottery studio, two hives of honey bees, a ‘working’ garden with a large collection of cacti and succulents, and baboons and monkeys for neighbours. There’s not much time for anything else.

8. Which piece of you work are you most proud of and why?

Thirty years of working life it is impossible to say which piece of work has given me most satisfaction. As an artist generally i suppose the last painting commission i had was the most rewarding. It was the biggest project i ever undertook, 5 panels measuring about 7ft x 4ft each. They hardly fitted in my little studio but i just started and kept going and enjoyed every stage, some of it being done on the patio under the mulberry tree. The clients were fantastic, really enthusiastic as i sent ‘work in progress’ images. You can see it being installed in the photograph.

9. What do you do when get creative block and how do you overcome it?

If i ever got such a thing i would just go to bed.

10. What are the current design goals you’re looking to achieve?

don’t know if anyone could imagine what an achievement it was for me just to get stuff accepted on Graphic River. I am a total ‘outsider’… in the artistic and horse racing sense! I’ve never planned anything in my life, just got carried along on the current, being forced into taking all sorts of directions whilst trying to forge some sort of career in art. I may never have achieved anything if other things didn’t happen.

So my current ‘design goals’ are very modest. I want to make 1000 sales by the time i get my one year badge on GR. I want to hone my personal style a bit more, instead of it looking a bit schizophrenic. (But i have said that all my life!) I want to get good enough in both Photoshop and Illustrator so that i can teach my grandson what my own son taught me.

amazing painting of morganpenn Mind blowing

This is a selection of digital painting from morganpenn from DeviantArt his work is truly impressive she creates amazing environments all with strong fantasy elements to check out here gallery visit this linkhttp://morganpenn.deviantart.com/

50 tileable pixel paterns + 10 Bonus patterns

This is a set of 60 photoshop pixel patterns, they are all transparent just place the pattern above the layer you want the pattern on and there you go instant texture, you can set the opacity to get your pattern to look how you like!

This set of 20 photoshop pixel patterns contains a range of modern, crisp, yet subtle Pixel backgrounds patterns that won’t take the eye away from your webpage and will make any site look sleek and professional. They are also useful in other contexts like buttons, or to break up too much solid colour.

This pixel pattern set is for photoshop CS2 , CS3 and CS4

This is a combo pack which includes 20 Tileable Pixel Patterns 2, 20 Tileable Pixel Patterns 3 and 20 Tileable Pixel Patterns 4 which was chosen for a weekly feature.

This pattern set is for photoshop CS2 onwards, very useful for web element and adding detail to work.

File Includes

1. 60 Tileable pixel patterns file seamlessly tileable

2. layered psd preview file with all 50 patterns shown + bonus 10

3. Detailed instructions with 2 method of applying patterns explained

4. An example background at 1920×1080 layered psd.