Featured Artist Ranfirefly

Ran, is a creative director & interaction designer at Firefly studio, working within brand identity and web development, art direction, motion graphics and printed literature. I am going to show a number of his works just click on any of the image to follow to the purchase page.

Pack of 60 Icons

World – Infographic Elements – Visual Information

Fiber carbon pattern background texture

Go Green – Infographic Elements – info template

Featured Web Designer CmsMasters

Cmsmasters are a great team that produce top quality web templates I will post a number of their works just click on the images to visit the purchase page where you can demo the site to see if it suites your needs. below is what people had to say about them.

What can I say about cmsmasters team? It is very simple, it’s a fantastic team! Technical support is awesome, answered all my questions quickly and were always by my side to find the best solutions. I can only thank the help they gave me. I´m pleased to recommend this author.

Clockstone – Ultimate WordPress Theme

Blakesley – Premium Business & Portfolio wordpress

Tesigner – Creative Portfolio WP Theme

Cleanple – a powerful and elegant WordPress theme

6 Glass Layer Styles + Bonus Styles

ave time and money by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop!
This is a set of 10 Coloured Glass Layer Syles, included is

1. set of clear instructions
2. Psd file for the large preview including all layer styles
3. asl file with all 10 Coloured Glass Layer Syles and 3 bonus Glass Layer Styles

If you wish to purchase simply click the image or the download button and it will take you to the purchase page.

5 High Res Brick Textures

5 High Quality High Res Brick textures pack at 3872×2592 contains a number of styles of brick wall some clean some dirty, great for adding texture to artwork or just to use as a background.

If you wish to purchase simply click the image or the download button and it will take you to the purchase page.

Featured work of dnp_theme High quality Jooomla Templates

I am going to share an number of top notch joomla templates with you from dnp_theme over at themeforest.net  if you want to purchase any of them then simply click on the image of the template and it will take you through to the purchase page where you can seea live preview of the tmaplte working and you can see if it fits your needs, bellow is a brief explination of what a joomla is.

Joomla is one of the world’ s most popular open source CMS (content management system). With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications.

AEON Futuristic Template for Joomla

Skywalker – Powerful Template for Joomla

Technik – Modern Corporate Template for Joomla

Benz Creative Template For Joomla

Digital work of Sandara Mind blowing

This is a selection of digital painting from Sandara from DeviantArt her work is truly impressive she creates amazing environments all with strong fantasy elements to check out here gallery visit this link Sandara’s Gallery

50 Tileable pixel Patterns 1

This is a set of 20 photoshop pixel patterns, they are all transparent just place the pattern above the layer you want the pattern on and there you go instant texture, you can set the opacity to get your pattern to look how you like!

This set of 20 photoshop pixel patterns contains a range of modern, crisp, yet subtle Pixel backgrounds patterns that won’t take the eye away from your webpage and will make any site look sleek and professional. They are also useful in other contexts like buttons, or to break up too much solid colour.

This pattern set is for photoshop CS2 , CS3 and CS4

This pattern set is for photoshop CS2 , CS3 and CS4

File Includes

1. 50 tileable pixel patterns file

2. preview file with all 50 patterns shown

3. Detailed Html instructions

4. psd example Background

High Quality Photoshop Resources Actions and Styles

Today I am sharing an amazing selection of very high quality Photoshop presets, such as actions and layer styles the results are mind blowing you would never believe you could achieve such things. The best thing of all is that you can just add you own content whether it be text or image or shapes and in a few click achieve the same results as the images below, my only word of advice would be to check the version of photoshop that is needed as to make sure it will work with your copy.

To purchase any of the items below simply click the image of the product and it will take you to the relevant download page no items are over $6 dollars so are all great value!

3D Map Generator

3D Map Generator Pro Easy Routes

Dimensions 3D Action Generator

22 Vintage Letterpress Photoshop Actions

10 Metal Photoshop Layer Styles

An interview with Contrast Black

Over the last 2 year I have spent many hours on a site called graphicriver a place for selling design templates of all sorts, it is a great place with many talented authors so I have decided to interview artists from the site and this is one of many more to come. I hope this will help people understand how other designer work and what processes they go through. I do not censor what the artist tell me I try to keep in all they say as it is good to know how different artists work.

1. How did you get started in the design industry, and what is your advice for people thinking of doing the same?

My first contact with the design industry was back in the days while I was still in school. All my colleagues were busy back then playing football or watching cartoons, while I was busy sketching and “visiting” subway depots with a few totally innocent spray-cans in my backpack. It wasn’t what you’d call a classic approach to wanting to become a graphic designer, but rather the later became a clear goal upon advancing with age. Mind you, this was happening somewhere around the age of 14. A few years later, and a whole lot of sketchbooks and repainted interior walls, I finally settled down on illustration and received my first few clients based on my urban style. Those were the good old times. No worries, few clients, and any payment was good, as it was instantly invested in another batch of spray-cans.

My only advice towards people thinking about pursuing a career in this domain would be to “stop thinking about pursuing a career” and rather pursue their own style, their own passion, and if good design and intricate works are a by-product, then I can only guarantee that they might be successful later when it matters. Stress is good if you use stress as a motivational factor, not if you burden yourself with it instead of using it to your advantage, so keep your focus, maintain a clear overview of what you do with joy, and keep doing it. Only through passion can one obtain greatness, never through “need”. Continue reading

Free Clean and Simple Business Card

This Free Clean and Simple Business Card has been designed as you guessed it to be both minimal, clean, crisp and uncluttered, this business card is very versatile and could be used in agency’s, corporate, freelance, or designer. This comes with four options , but it would work with many more.

General Information – Standard sized business cards 3.5”x 2” – Print Ready – Bleed lines and guides are ready in the .psd files with image showing “safe area” “Bleed” and “trim marks” – None of the text files are rasterized which allows for simple customization

Master Business card master file – High Resolution jpeg example files of each item – Print guide images explaining what all “safe area” “Bleed” and “trim marks” mean – Html instruction guide explained with images to make everything clear

If you are having difficulty customizing the business cards we, offer free support for products you have purchased from us. Just e-mail us at “darkstardesigns@whatstheharm.com” and let us know what you would like the cards to say and we will change it.

If you need to have a custom logo created for your use on the business card you purchased from us, we will offer a great rate and work with you to give you a timely and pleasurable experience.